Sally & Richard

Excuse the Pun!

Oh what fun! This is one of those weddings everyone wishes they had an invitation for...

...over a couple of glasses of wine the concept for a wedding based on well known 'puns' was beginning to take shape. Having been together for many years Sal & Rich wanted the wedding to be fun and lighthearted. "We're taking the plunge" started of festivities with bespoke caricatures of the bride and groom in swimmers, Sal with a South African rubber ring and Rich with a Welsh Dragon highlighting their nationalities.

Following this came the rest of the day to deal with, 'Tying the Knot' tables names created a fantastic topic of conversation on the wedding day sparking knot tying competitions between the guests. The table plan featured over 100 handcut corks ( you guessed it - Popping the Question) and fitted with little name cards and stickers on the base telling the guests which table they were on. The order of service finished off the collection and lastly.. THE CAKE! We cannot believe the amazing talent required to create a cake which used the caricatures, flowers and details from the stationery. Absolutely Stunning!

Freya went above and beyond what we expected at every step. Having established an initial concept she went all out to deliver it spending ages drawing knots, measuring corks and generally making sure every detail was perfect. When you've got so much to worry about it's great to have someone like Freya worrying about it for you. I can't recommend her enough.

Sal & Rich

- Details -

Day & Evening Invitations, Order of Service, Cork Table Plan Escort Cards, Table Name Knots, Place Names